Boyer's Vodka is a boutique vodka line available to members only. Each flavor is produced in extremely limited quantities. Beginning with a base of triple-distilled potato vodka, only the freshest ingredients from local producers are used to infuse the spirits, which are then filtered four separate times to achieve a sedimentless final product that retains all the nuances imbued in the infusion process.

We have been, and continue to be, the exclusive designer of labels and packaging for Boyer's Vodkas. Click on any of the bottles below to see some of our work in more detail.

Boyer's Vodka: Bacon Vodka - 2008
Boyer's Vodka: Bloody Mary Vodka - 2007
Boyer's Vodka: Mango Vodka - 2007
Boyer's Vodka: Peach Bing Cherry Vodka - 2008
Boyer's Vodka: Strawberry Mango Vodka - 2007
Boyer's Vodka: Superberry Vodka - 2008