Cinequest is best known as a top-five independent film festival that has been taking place in San José, CA, for 18 years. In addition to the festival, they operate a distribution company dedicated to bringing truly independent, cutting-edge filmmaking to the general public. The manner of support they provide for independent artists is becoming rarer by the day, and we're honored to work with them.

We have been designing the DVD artwork for all new Cinequest acquisitons since late 2006. Our goal with the project is to give each film an aesthetic presence that both represents its character and allows it to hold its own on the shelves at Blockbuster, where it would otherwise be easily overshadowed by bigger players from major studios.

In addition to DVD packaging, we also create national print ad campaigns and Flash web advertising for Cinequest. Below are nine examples of DVD packaging that we have designed over the past two years, all of which are currently in national circulation. Click on any of them for a closer look.

Awakening from the Dead
Jagoda in the Supermarket
The Conscientious Objector
On The Road With Judas
Out of Balance
Trained in the Ways of Men
Our Own
Shark In The Head